Bringing back the Classics

The Toronto Raptors debuted in the NBA as an expansion team in Canada back in 1995. The team featured red, purple and black as their team colors and was used to honour the Canadian, James Naismith, the inventor of Basketball. 

The team's classic creative direction was very iconic because of the vibe it gave to the team. There has been several shifts in their creative direction for the past decade. 

In this project, We will merge the modern and classic Raptor vibe. Re-imagining a vibe that combines their Damon Stoudamire era to the recent Pascal Siakam primes. This project will introduce the real identity of the Raptors while embracing the present-day personality.

This project is for non-commercial, personal creative development only. 


Uniforms and Merchandise

Social Media Package

The Classics are back!

I am already a fanatic of the current modern style of the Toronto Raptors. However, it wouldn't to add a little bit of the Classics and history to it – reintroducing the Raptors. 

A Personal Creative Development project by: 
Hadrein Damalerio

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